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Air resistance (Activity)
Anemometer (Activity)
Animal dung study (Activity)
Antacid molecules (Activity)
Baby shells (Activity)
Balancing pole (Activity)
Balloon noises (Activity)
Balloon rocket (Activity)
Barometer (Activity)
Beach Life Bingo (Activity)
Bear fur study (Activity)
Bear prints (Activity)
Big Build (Activity)
Bird feeder (Activity)
Black snakes (Activity)
Borax crystals (Activity)
Brain dissection (Activity)
Bread (Activity)
Bubble art (Activity)
Bubble colour (Activity)
Butter (Activity)
Butter molecules (Activity)
Candle see saw (Activity)
Cartesian diver (Activity)
Catapult - torsion (Activity)
Cheek cells (Activity)
Cheese (Activity)
Cloud in a bottle (Activity)
Coin game (Activity)
Coke and mentos (Activity)
Coloured shadows (Activity)
Combustion shooter (Activity)
Compass (Activity)
Coupled orbits (Activity)
Crater formation (Activity)
Dancing magnets (Activity)
Dancing raisins (Activity)
Decomposing foods (Activity)
Deer skeleton (Activity)
DNA (Activity)
DNA code puzzle (Activity)
Doppler effect (Activity)
Dry ice bubbles (Activity)
Dry ice in water (Activity)
Egg into bottle (Activity)
Egg shell removal (Activity)
Electromagnet (Activity)
Eye dissection (Activity)
Eye study (Activity)
Eyes: blind spot (Activity)
Feather study (Activity)
Filtering Water (Activity)
Fingerprinting (Activity)
Fish trap model (Activity)
Flame colour (Activity)
Flower colours (Activity)
Fluorescent toys (Activity)
Fly eye lens (Activity)
Foam molecules (Activity)
Food web model (Activity)
Fossil collection (Activity)
Friction in shoes (Activity)
Friction on a bike (Activity)
Frost and dew (Activity)
Garden journal (Activity)
Glockenspiel notes (Activity)
Glue (Activity)
Granite minerals (Activity)
Gravity Well (Activity)
Hair Analysis (Activity)
Heart dissection (Activity)
Heat sources (Activity)
Herb necklace (Activity)
Hoopster (Activity)
Household levers (Activity)
Hummer (Activity)
Ice cream (Activity)
Inclined planes (Activity)
Invisible ink (Activity)
Jumping stick (Activity)
Kaleidoscope (Activity)
Landform models (Activity)
Lasers and mirrors (Activity)
Leg bone puzzle (Activity)
Lego evolution (Activity)
Lemon battery (Activity)
Lenses bend light (Activity)
Levitating magnets (Activity)
Luminescent candy (Activity)
Lung model (Activity)
Magnet sculpture (Activity)
Magnet strength (Activity)
Marble collisions (Activity)
Mason bees (Activity)
Meringue (Activity)
Mineral lustre (Activity)
Mirror faces (Activity)
Mirror writing (Activity)
Mobile (Activity)
Mobius strips (Activity)
Modeling Clay (Activity)
Moon Phases Model (Activity)
Moon phases puzzle (Activity)
Moon regolith (Activity)
Motor (hand-wound) (Activity)
Motor free play (Activity)
Nurse Log Study (Activity)
Oat seed bars (Activity)
Oobleck (Activity)
Opposable thumbs (Activity)
Paper airplanes (Activity)
Paper marbling (Activity)
Perfume making (Activity)
Pin and ring game (Activity)
Pinball machine (Activity)
Pinwheel (Activity)
Plant bud hunt (Activity)
Planting (Activity)
Plasma Ball (Activity)
Playdough (Activity)
Pollen collection (Activity)
Pond dipping (Activity)
Popcorn (Activity)
Posting game (Activity)
Pulley free play (Activity)
Rain gauge (Activity)
Reaction time (Activity)
Rock collection (Activity)
Rock colours (Activity)
Rock tumbler (Activity)
Rocks: geodes (Activity)
Roller coaster (Activity)
Root shapes (Activity)
Saxophone (Activity)
Scone chemistry (Activity)
Scribbling machine (Activity)
Seasons model (Activity)
Seaweed study (Activity)
Seed study (Activity)
Shadow shapes (Activity)
Shooter (Activity)
Skull comparisons (Activity)
Smelly paintings (Activity)
Snail habitat (Activity)
Soda drink (Activity)
Soil habitat study (Activity)
Soil sieving (Activity)
Solar panel (Activity)
Sound sandwich (Activity)
Sound with a ruler (Activity)
Sounds in a box (Activity)
Speaker (Activity)
Spectroscope (Activity)
Spider camouflage (Activity)
Spider web shapes (Activity)
Spinning chair (Activity)
Stomp rocket (Activity)
Stream Chemistry (Activity)
String telephone (Activity)
Sun print (Activity)
Sundial (Activity)
Tides model (Activity)
Touch sensitivity (Activity)
Twining (Activity)
Water cycle model (Activity)
Water pH test (Activity)
Water resistance (Activity)
Water wheel (Activity)
Weathering rocks (Activity)
Wheel and forces (Activity)
Wind erosion (Activity)
Wind turbine (Activity)
Wind vane (Activity)
Animal senses (Lesson plan)
Asteroids and Comets (Lesson plan)
Balloon science (Lesson plan)
Bears and hibernation (Lesson plan)
Bees (Lesson plan)
Bike forces (Lesson plan)
Biodiversity (Lesson plan)
Biomes (Lesson plan)
Black Holes (Lesson plan)
Bridges (Lesson plan)
Bubbles (Lesson plan)
Carried by Water (Lesson plan)
Chemical reactions (Lesson plan)
Circulatory System (Lesson plan)
Classification (Lesson plan)
Colours in light (Lesson plan)
Combustion (Lesson plan)
Crystals and freezing (Lesson plan)
DNA and evolution (Lesson plan)
Dry ice activities (Lesson plan)
Electric circuits (Lesson plan)
Electromagnets (Lesson plan)
Evidence for evolution (Lesson plan)
Eyes (Lesson plan)
Fins and Wings (Lesson plan)
Flying Things (Lesson plan)
Foam in foods (Lesson plan)
Foams (Lesson plan)
Food chains (Lesson plan)
Force stations (Lesson plan)
Forces at-a-distance (Lesson plan)
Forces in Space (Lesson plan)
Forces in toys (Lesson plan)
Forensic science (Lesson plan)
Fossils (Lesson plan)
Freshwater pond study (Lesson plan)
Friction (Lesson plan)
Fur and Feathers (Lesson plan)
Garden harvest (Lesson plan)
Gas pressure (Lesson plan)
Germination (Lesson plan)
Hands and Feet (Lesson plan)
Hearing in animals (Lesson plan)
Heat conduction (Lesson plan)
Heat Convection (Lesson plan)
Herbs (Lesson plan)
Invertebrates (Lesson plan)
Kidney function (Lesson plan)
Kingdoms of Life (Lesson plan)
Lasers (Lesson plan)
Levers (Lesson plan)
Light from Chemistry (Lesson plan)
Light stations (Lesson plan)
Magnet stations (Lesson plan)
Making gases (Lesson plan)
Mineral testing (Lesson plan)
Mirrors (Lesson plan)
Motors (Lesson plan)
Newton's Laws (Lesson plan)
Our senses (Lesson plan)
People and Plants (Lesson plan)
Plant Dyes (Lesson plan)
Plant parts (Lesson plan)
Planting a garden (Lesson plan)
Pulleys (Lesson plan)
Pumpkins (Lesson plan)
Rock Cycle (Lesson plan)
Rockets (Lesson plan)
Seeds (Lesson plan)
Shadows from the sun (Lesson plan)
Simple machines (Lesson plan)
Smells (Lesson plan)
Soil study (Lesson plan)
Solutions (Lesson plan)
Sound (Lesson plan)
Sound: noise makers (Lesson plan)
Sour chemistry (Lesson plan)
Star spectra (Lesson plan)
Static electricity (Lesson plan)
The Moon (Lesson plan)
The Nervous System (Lesson plan)
The Solar System (Lesson plan)
The Sun (Lesson plan)
The Sun for Primaries (Lesson plan)
Wasps (Lesson plan)
Water and rain (Lesson plan)
Water cycle (Lesson plan)
Weather (Lesson plan)
Weather and Seasons (Lesson plan)
Weather phenomena (Lesson plan)
Weathering (Lesson plan)
Whales (Lesson plan)
Wind energy (Lesson plan)
Wings (Lesson plan)