Hands on science/math workshops for students/teachers

Workshops for Elementary students

Outdoor student workshops (1 hr, or a little over) during the pandemic on any K-7 BC Curriculum science or math topic.
Ingrid brings all materials, in packaged clean kits.
For an Elementary class: $5/student with no charge for low income students; negotiable during the pandemic.
Outside of Vancouver, 2 or 3 workshops in one day preferred.
Request a workshop any K-7 topic, or choose from these science selections (pdf) or these outdoor science and math selections (pdf).

Online student workshops (about 1hr) with adaptable format including any of:
Materials drop-off and pick-up, online assistance for materials set-up, online workshop with students, online post-activity discussion.
$5 per student with materials drop-off.
$50 online workshop only (no materials drop-off).

ProD workshops for Elementary Teachers

Scheduled workshops
Next scheduled workshop on Provincial ProD Day October 2021

Request a workshop
On a topic, date and location to suit your school.
Ingrid brings all materials (pre-cleaned and packaged).
$150/hr for a group of teachers. Smaller groups during the pandemic.
Request personalized workshop.

Science Workshop format (outdoors during the pandemic)
Try out low-cost teacher-tested activities that fuel curiosity and inquiry, and engage the diverse learners of the classroom. Documentation for each activity includes Science Curricular Competencies and Content connections, materials lists and links to a database of hundreds of science activities and lesson plans. If you are looking to build your science activity collection, or are starting to bring hands-on science into your classroom, ingridscience workshops bring new activity ideas in an environment of discussion and sharing favourites.

Outdoor Math Workshop format
Try out activity ideas for engaging, curriculum-linked K-7 Math. Use plants and our city’s landscape for measuring, geometry, symmetry, patterns, graphing & probability. Documentation reviews the activities in the workshop and lists other outdoor math ideas for your grade level.