Lesson plan

Chemistry activities selection

A diverse selection of appealing chemistry activities for discussion of molecules and chemical reactions.

These fun activities are not particularly connected, except that they can all be discussed in terms of chemistry.
I used them in camp and workshop settings, but can be adapted for the classroom.

Optional: hand out name tags, that depict the molecules to be used in the workshop (see image for baking soda/soda drink/rocket/bubbles lesson).

Introduce the building blocks of chemistry through molecular models, and discuss what they represent.

Do a selection of the activities, focusing on the chemistry in each case.


CAGIS workshop covered baking soda/vinegar reaction, then soda drink, then rocket, then bubbles.
Eton Arrowsmith Camp played with molecule models, then did silly putty, soda drink, rocket.

Grades taught
Gr K
Gr 3
Gr 5
Gr 7