Car colour data collection and graphing

At a parking lot, or on the street, count and record the number of each colour colour. Graph the results.
Science content
Math: Measuring and Graphing
  • parking lot with many cars, or safe street view of cars passing
  • clipboards, paper and pencil for students

Take students outdoors, to the staff parking lot, or to a safe view of a street with cars passing.
Ask students what colour cars they see, then ask them to write the colours on their paper.
Students then tally the numbers of each car colour that they see in the lot, or as the cars pass by.

Graph the results: students can either make their own graph of their results or their group's results, or a class graph can be made together, using a commonly recorded car number for each colour (although students are looking at the same cars, they will likely record different numbers of each colour from each other).

Grades taught
Gr 2