Ingrid's picks

My favourite activities, that you might want to try in your classroom.
Sorry there is not much yet - the list is slowly growing.
Contact me for ideas on a particular topic.

Mixing solids and liquids free experimentation. Messy but effective. Make it quantitative for older grades.
Elephant's toothpaste
Soda drink, extending to comparisons and graphing for older grades (note: need tall tubes for extension activities).
Glue. Free play for younger grades, quantitative assessment for older grades.

Electric circuits. Light and heat for younger grades, electricity and energy forms for older grades.
Roller coaster. Forces for younger grades, forces and energy transfer for older grades.

Outdoor hunt for soil animals, following up with worm or wood bug study, or discussion of food chains.
Flower colour chemistry. Try in the spring with petals fallen from rhododendrons and roses.