Weathering scavenger hunt

Go outside and look for signs of weathering.
Science content
Earth/Space: Rock cycle, Earth Materials, Natural resources (5)
Lessons activity is in
  • school grounds to explore
  • weathering worksheets (laminated, for protection and reuse) - see attachment
  • dry erase markers

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Before class, print (and optionally laminate) worksheets. They are best printed on both sides and then cut, so each worksheet is half sheet double-sided.

Discuss with students how they can spot signs of weathering:
Things that are not alive and that have changed since they were made. They might have broken into smaller pieces, chipped, cracked, faded, rusted, or become a plant or animal's home.

Distribute weathering worksheets (and dry erase markers if the sheets are laminated, or pencils if not).
Groups of students can share a worksheet and find Signs of Weathering together.
They can check off each Sign of Weathering as they find it.

Once students have found all signs of weathering, gather as a group in a large circle to discuss the Agents of Weathering.
Flip over the worksheet and ask students to try and match one or more Agent(s) of Weathering with each Sign of Weathering.

Grades taught
Gr 2
Gr 3
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Gr 6