Lesson plan


A structured bridge building activity, followed by a free-experimentation one.
Science content
Physics: Motion and Forces, Newton’s Laws, Gravity (K, 2, 6)

Start with the bridge challenge, to introduce the structural and fastener component of bridges, followed by the bridge structures to explore different shapes of bridges, ending with structures from triangles to reinforce how triangles can make a structure self supporting.


Champlain Heights Annex did Bridge Shapes and Forces, then Bridge Challenge.
Tyee intermediates did Bridge Challenge then Bridge Shapes and Forces, and one division also did Structure from Triangles with sticky Q tips
Tyee Ks did bridge shapes and forces (no graph) then Structure from triangles with toothpicks and marshmallows
Shaughnessy 2s did Bridge building challenge then Bridge shapes and forces

Grades taught
Gr K
Gr 1
Gr 2
Gr 3
Gr 4
Gr 5
Gr 6
Gr 7