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Molecule models
One set for a baking soda and acid reaction (HCO3 + H -> H2O + CO2) requires:
2 hydrogen atoms #60110E (1 Hole 17mm White Atom) 51 cents each in 2024
3 oxygen atoms #60200E (2 Hole 105 Degree 23mm Red Atom) 74 cents each in 2024
1 carbon atom #60400E (4 Hole tetrahedral 23mm Black Atom) 83 cents each in 2024
6 bonds #61013E (Molymod Double-Triple Bonds) 28 cents each in 2024
Get at least one set per student pair and several extra atoms of each type and 10 or so spare bonds.
For 15 sets plus spare bonds you'll spend about $110 with tax and shipping (to Vancouver in 2024).

Use my molecule calculator to calculate how many atoms for sets to link to my activities;…
Feel free to copy and edit for your own use

(10X plastic geology loupe) at…. Cat# 23201-5.
I add a ribbon for students to hang it around their necks.