Gas collection over water

Collect gases (oxygen and carbon dioxide) over water, then show how to test them with a glowing/lighted splint.
Science content
Chemistry: States of Matter, Properties of Materials (K-7)
Chemistry: Chemical Changes (2, 7)
  • tray filled with water
  • water
  • glass bottle filled with water
  • reaction bottle with tube attached to lid
  • reactants: H2O2 and yeast to make oxygen; baking soda and vinegar to make CO2
  • splint
  • lighter

Collect oxygen over water.
Relight a glowing splint by lowering it into the tube of oxygen. Feel the exothermic reaction.

Collect CO2 over water - puts out a lighted splint.


Developed for The Chemistry of Gases and Pressure lesson

methane ignites - stir up from the bottom a pond. not toxic. when collects stays in the tube as lighter than air