Rock colours

Look at different coloured rocks.
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Earth/Space: Rock cycle, Earth Materials, Natural resources (5)
  • polished rocks of different colours
  • rainbow of colours made from paper or plastic
  • bornite if available
  • jade, polished and unpolished, if available

Assemble the rainbow.
Sort the coloured rocks on to the colours of the rainbow.
Some rocks probably won't match - arrange these into your own rainbow.

Compare the rough and polished jade. The polished should be much more colourful.
Jade is mined in BC. I tis a semi-precious stone used to make jewelry.

Look for the many colours in bornite.
Bornite is a rock mined in BC. It has copper metal in it, which is extracted and used to make coins and many other things.
Look at pennies, loonies and toonies. The yellowish colour in them is copper.

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