Lesson plan


A series of activities relating to bees: how bees see, how bees smell, art in hexagons - like honeycombs.
Science content
Biology: Features, Adaptations of Living Things (K, 1, 3, 7)
Biology: Sensing, Organ Systems (4, 5, 6)

Optionally eat honeycomb, and talk about what students know about bees.
Ideas for conversation:
Look at honeycombs. What repeating shape can you see in the honeycomb?
Taste the honey. What do bees make honey from? [flower nectar]
Chew the honeycomb. Where does the wax come from?
Why do bees make honey? [it is food for their young]

Student groups rotate through three or four activities.
Follow with discussion about each activity.

Grades taught
Gr K
Gr 1
Gr 2
Gr 3