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Bears: how big is a black bear?

Students measure a life sized template of a black bear, and compare it to themselves.
Science content (2016 curriculum): 
Biology: Features, Adaptations of Living Things (K, 1, 3, 7)
Biology: Classification of Living Things, Biodiversity (1, 3)
Lessons activity is in: 
  • Black bear template
  • Metre sticks
  • Worksheet (attached)
  • Bear footprint (if available)
  • Bear claws (if available)

Use a metre stick to measure a template of a black bear, and find out how tall and how long a bear is. (It is on all fours, 2m long and 1m high). Record it on their worksheet.
Stand next to the bear template to compare its size to their own (are you taller/shorter, narrower/wider) and measure their own height if time and able.
Students fit their foot into a bear print, to compare sizes.
Students look at a model of bear claws and compare their size to their own nails.
They can use space on the worksheet to draw the bear paw or claws.

Attached documents: 
Grades taught: 
Gr K
Gr 1
Christine (North Shore Black Bear Society)
Christy Wong
Kecia Boecking
Teaching site: 
McBride Elementary
Activity originally developed and delivered: 

Scientist in Residence Program, Vancouver School District with teachers Ms. Wong and Ms. Boecking.
This activity was part of the lesson plan: