Hands-on science activities that work

This website is a database of tested hands-on science activities and experiments, developed and gathered by Ingrid Sulston, both independently and collaboratively with other organizations.

The site is constantly being added to and edited as I prototype new activities and revisit old ones with new user groups. I use it as my own database as I bring hands-on science to different educational institutions, and am glad to share with others who are seeking ideas for hands-on science activities.

The activities have been run in schools, science centres, botanical gardens and science clubs in Canada and the US. They are mostly designed for elementary school-age children - either in a classroom setting or with their family group on a museum visit - but are easily adapted to any group size or age group. The curriculum connections are for the science curriculum of British Columbia, Canada.

Every activity is a hands-on experience of a basic scientific phenomenon. They are short, 15 - 30 mins, and can be run alone, or partnered with others.
A lesson plan is an hour or more long, and includes several activities.
All activities strive to use materials that are easily obtainable and budget-concious, so can be run anywhere by anyone.