Professional Development workshop registration

Date: October 20th 2023
Topic: Sustainability and our Environment
Location: Gordon Elementary School, Vancouver
Time: 9:30-noon
Cost: $50 (Paypal/credit card)
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or $50 e-transfer to isulston[at] if you prefer (include name, school and grade)

Workshop description:
Try out low-cost classroom-tested hands-on science activities exploring sustainable practices and the effects of non-renewable energy sources on our environment. Investigations in K-7 Earth Science, Physics and Chemistry topics explain the climate emergency and give hope for change. Documentation for each activity includes the Science Curricular Competencies and Content connections, materials lists and links to the ingridscience database of hundreds of science activities and lesson plans. If you are looking to build your hands-on activity ideas, ingridscience workshops bring new activity ideas in an environment of discussion and sharing favourites.