COVID-19 ingridscience

I've moved completely outdoors in my programming, and can offer almost as much science as usual and now outdoor inquiry math aswell.
My COVID operating plan follows Bonnie Henry's orders and recommendations, and I am happy to discuss and adapt to any concerns from teachers or schools.

Student workshops
Outdoor hands-on science for your K-7 students, selected from the ingridscience database for adaptability to the outdoors and for safest materials for the pandemic. Sliding scale Free to $5 per student.
New: Outdoor Inquiry math for your K-7 students, using the plants and cityscapes of our outdoor neighbourhoods. Sliding scale Free to $5 per student.
New: Online science workshops for your K-7 students. Pre-workshop materials delivery and post-activity virtual discussion. Ingrid can be with you virtually for the activity, or you can do it independently. Sliding scale Free to $5 per student.

ProD teacher workshops
Outdoor science and/or math. Choose your K-7 topic and date. $150/hr for about 10 teachers, scaleable.

New: I research and send you hands-on science demonstration weblinks - there are many excellent science experiment videos online - I can find you ideas, or screen resource lists that you have. Free,

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