Lesson plan

Light stations

Students freely experiment at several stations with light and shadows and reflections. Discussion distills their discoveries into some principles of light.
Science content
Physics: Light and Sound (1)
  • materials in the activities
  • room that can be darkened a little (pitch black not necessary)
  • optional: flashlight, candle and light stick for a demonstration during discussion

Set up the activities as stations, which students move through.
Run the lesson using the Play-Debrief-Replay format (see resource).
Older students take notes/younger students remember what they discover about light at each station.
Discuss as a group what they find, and distill out the principles of light that they have discovered (see photos).

Shadow shapes big ideas that might emerge: Light goes in straight lines. Shadows are the lack of light. Some objects are thin enough to pass light. Brightness is the amount of light energy.

Shadows and mirrors big ideas: Light goes in straight lines and can be reflected. Some surfaces reflect light, some do not. 

Mirror symmetry patterns big ideas: Some objects are visible because they reflect light. Light travels in straight lines. Light can be reflected multiples times. To see an object, light from it must come into our eyes.

Rainbows from light big ideas: Some objects are visible because they emit light. White light is made up of different colours. Colours we see can be made from mixtures of different light colours.

Optional: at an appropriate point during class discussion, discuss and show that light can be made in different ways.
Flashlight: chemical energy in the battery is converted to electrical energy in the wires, to light energy (and heat energy if it is an incandescent bulb) in the bulb.
Candle: chemical energy (in the wax which is a fuel) to light and heat energy through a chemical reaction (a combustion reaction).
Light stick: chemical energy to light energy through a chemical reaction.

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