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Magnetic car race

Race cars using magnets to make them move.
Science content (2016 curriculum): 
Physics: Motion and Forces, Newton’s Laws, Gravity (K, 2, 6)
Lessons activity is in: 
  • Toy magnetic cars, or small light cars with a magnet affixed underneath
  • Wand magnets
  • Large sheet of thin card
  • Blocks to raise card

Make the racetrack by resting each end of the card on the blocks. A start and finish line can be drawn on the card.
The cars start at one end of the card.
Put the wands under the card below the cars, and move the wands to drag the cars to the finish line.


Test for the correct thickness of card to make the cars move OK, but one has to be a little careful not to lose them if the wand is moved fast.

Grades taught: 
Gr 1
Gr 2
Teaching site: 
After School Program at Elementary schools in New York City