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Adaptations in animals: antlers, teeth and bones (Lesson plan)
Air cannon (with dry ice) (Activity)
Air resistance (Activity)
Animal adaptation collection (Activity)
Animal adaptations - eyes and teeth (Lesson plan)
Animal characteristics - legs and bones (Lesson plan)
Animal characteristics - legs, bones and how they move (Activity)
Animal characteristics - number of legs (Activity)
Animal dung and the food web (Lesson plan)
Animal dung study (Activity)
Animals feeding in water (Lesson plan)
Animals moving in water (Lesson plan)
Animals sensing and responding to light (Lesson plan)
Antacid molecules (Activity)
Asteroids and Comets (Lesson plan)
Automaton - cardboard and foam machine (Activity)
Baby shells (Activity)
Baking powder chemistry (Activity)
Baking soda and vinegar (Activity)
Balance point on a stick or ruler (Activity)
Balancing (Lesson plan)
Balancing and centre of mass in your body (Activity)
Balancing balloon with hairdryer (Activity)
Balancing pole (Activity)
Balancing sculpture (Activity)
Balloon noises (Activity)
Balloon rocket (Activity)
Balloon science (Lesson plan)
Balloon shrinking writing (Activity)
Barnacles (Activity)
Barometer (Activity)
Beach Exploration and Studies (Lesson plan)
Beach Life Bingo (Activity)
Bear prints (Activity)
Bears and hibernation (Lesson plan)
Bears: how big is a black bear? (Activity)
Bears: How does a bear stay warm? (Activity)
Bears: What and how much does a black bear eat? (Activity)
Bee pheromone molecules (Activity)
Bees (Lesson plan)
Bees: honeycomb art (Activity)
Big Build (Activity)
Bike forces (Lesson plan)
Biodiversity (Lesson plan)
Biomes (Lesson plan)
Bird beaks or Animal eating methods (Activity)
Bird feeder (Activity)
Bird flapping flip book (Activity)
Black bears: size, fur and food (Lesson plan)
Black Holes (Lesson plan)
Black snakes (Activity)
Blood vessels, pulse and heartbeat (Activity)
Blue sky red sunset colours (Activity)
Boat powered by surface tension (Activity)
Body structure molecules (Activity)
Bone slice puzzle and structure (Activity)
Bones and Skeletal system (Lesson plan)
Bottle rocket (Activity)
Brain dissection (Activity)
Brains (Lesson plan)
Bread (Activity)
Bread (and butter) with optional chemical reactions (Lesson plan)
Bread: test ingredients for making gas (Activity)
Bridge building challenge (Activity)
Bridge shapes and forces (Activity)
Bridges (Lesson plan)
Brownian motion - watching molecule movement (Activity)
Bubble art (Activity)
Bubble colour (Activity)
Bubble shapes - square bubble in a cube (Activity)
Bubble shapes in a tray (Activity)
Bubble shapes with pipecleaners (Activity)
Bubbles (Lesson plan)
Bubbles - giant bubbles (Activity)
Bubbles - make bubble mix and bubble blowers (Activity)
Build an antacid molecule (Activity)
Build fins and wings (Activity)
Build smelly molecules (Activity)
Build the molecules that give flowers their colours (Activity)
Buoyancy, sinking and floating - free experimentation (Activity)
Butter (Activity)
Butter molecules (Activity)
Candle chemistry (Activity)
Candle see saw (Activity)
Carried by Water (Lesson plan)
Cartesian diver (Activity)
Catapult - open wooden frame (Activity)
Catapult - torsion (Activity)
Catapult from popsicle sticks (Activity)
Catapult from tin can (Activity)
Cheek cells (Activity)
Cheese (Activity)
Chemical reactions (Lesson plan)
Chemical reactions with baking soda (Lesson plan)
Chemistry activities selection (Lesson plan)
Chemistry of bacteria in cake (Activity)
Chemistry of baking yeast cake (Lesson plan)
Chemistry of home made slimes (Lesson plan)
Chemistry of Living Things (Lesson plan)
Chemistry of plants and soil (Lesson plan)
Chicken observation: adaptations and behaviour (Activity)
Chickens, eggs and feathers (Lesson plan)
Chromatography with coloured candy (Activity)
Chromatography with coloured marker pens (Activity)
Chromatography with ink pens (black) and ink on a note (Activity)
Chromatography with leaf colours (Activity)
Clam basket weaving model (Activity)
Clam dissection (or mussel) (Activity)
Clam study: the shell, the internal anatomy and how they feed (Lesson plan)
Clams - filter feeding model (Activity)
Clams - looking at the shell (Activity)
Cloud in a bottle (Activity)
Clouds, tornado and vortices with dry ice (Activity)
CO2 in breath makes water more acidic (Activity)
Coin game (Activity)
Coke and mentos (Activity)
Colour mixing and masking (Activity)
Colour reversal illusions (Activity)
Colour separation by chromatography (Lesson plan)
Coloured lights make objects change colour (Activity)
Coloured shadows (Activity)
Colours change through filters (Activity)
Colours in light (Lesson plan)
Combining solids and liquids: mixing and floating (Lesson plan)
Combustion (Lesson plan)
Combustion of a ping pong ball (Activity)
Combustion of ethanol in a jug (Activity)
Combustion shooter (Activity)
Comic strip of the life of a deer (Lesson plan)
Compass (Activity)
Coupled orbits (Activity)
Crater formation (Activity)
Crystal shapes from building blocks (Activity)
Crystal shapes with magnifiers/microscope (Activity)
Crystals and crystal structure (Lesson plan)
Crystals and freezing (Lesson plan)
Cup tower challenge (Activity)
Dancing raisins (Activity)
Decomposer and soil animals hunt outdoors (Activity)
Decomposers with a focus on worms (Lesson plan)
Decomposing foods (Activity)
Deer skeleton puzzle (Activity)
Discover mixtures, physical changes and chemical reactions through free experimentation (Activity)
DNA (Activity)
DNA and evolution (Lesson plan)
DNA code puzzle (Activity)
DNA extraction and coding puzzle (Lesson plan)
DNA for a school assembly (Activity)
DNA necklace with letters (Activity)
DNA: cheek cell observation and DNA extraction (Lesson plan)
Doppler effect (Activity)
Dry ice activities (Lesson plan)
Dry ice bubbles (Activity)
Dry ice in water (Activity)
Dry ice making noise (Activity)
Earth Science Collection (Lesson plan)
Edible slime (Flubber) (Activity)
Egg into bottle (Activity)
Egg shell removal (Activity)
Egg structure study (Activity)
Elastic and rigid properties of materials (Activity)
Elastic band stretch (Activity)
Electric circuit steady hand game (Activity)
Electric circuit to light a bulb (Activity)
Electric circuits (Lesson plan)
Electric circuits and electrolysis (Lesson plan)
Electric circuits with home-made wires and bulbs (Activity)
Electricity - morse code (Activity)
Electricity - test for conductance (Activity)
Electrolysis with home made wires (Activity)
Electromagnet (Activity)
Electromagnets (Lesson plan)
Elephant's toothpaste (Activity)
Energy input and output in devices (Activity)
Energy transformation (Lesson plan)
Epsom salt crystal painting (Activity)
Erosion and Stream flow (Activity)
Exploring our Solar System (Lesson plan)
Extracting dyes from plants (Activity)
Eye dissection (Activity)
Eyes (Lesson plan)
Eyes in predators and prey (Activity)
Eyes: blind spot (Activity)
Eyes: examine your eye (Activity)
Fat test for keeping warm (Activity)
Feather study (Activity)
Feet and claws for digging and grabbing (Activity)
Filtering Water (Activity)
Fingerprinting (Activity)
Fingerprints scenario (activity for Honey Mystery 3) (Activity)
Fins and Wings (Lesson plan)
Fish feeding methods model (Activity)
Fish trap model (Activity)
Flame colour (Activity)
Floating, sinking and buoyancy (Lesson plan)
Flower and apple dissection (Activity)
Flower colours (Activity)
Flower pollination by insects (Lesson plan)
Flower UV pattern matching game (Activity)
Fluorescent toys (Activity)
Flying Things (Lesson plan)
Foam in foods (Lesson plan)
Foam molecules (Activity)
Foams (Lesson plan)
Food chains and habitats (Lesson plan)
Food web game (Activity)
Force and motion with balls and playground equipment (Lesson plan)
Force stations (Lesson plan)
Forces in playdough (Activity)
Forces in shapes and bridge structures (Lesson plan)
Forces in toys (Lesson plan)
Forces that act at a distance (Lesson plan)
Forces, motion and energy transfer with balls (Activity)
Forces: chains of forces and combining forces (Lesson plan)
Forces: magnets and aeroplanes (Lesson plan)
Forensic science (Lesson plan)
Forensics: The Honey Mystery 1 (Hair Analysis) (Lesson plan)
Forensics: The Honey Mystery 2 (Ink chromatography) (Lesson plan)
Forensics: The Honey Mystery 3 (Fingerprinting) (Lesson plan)
Freshwater pond study (Lesson plan)
Friction (Lesson plan)
Friction challenge: move the teacher (Activity)
Friction in shoes (Activity)
Friction on a bike (Activity)
Friction on a sledding hill (Activity)
Friction: sliding blocks down ramps (Activity)
Frost and dew (Activity)
Fruit and vegetable colours (Activity)
Fruit and vegetable search in art (Activity)
Fruit ripening smells (Activity)
Fur and Feathers (Lesson plan)
Fur for keeping warm (Activity)
Garden harvest (Lesson plan)
Garden journal (Activity)
Garden Scavenger hunt and Bingo game (Activity)
Gas collection over water (Activity)
Gas pressure (Lesson plan)
Gases and foams (Lesson plan)
Gazpacho soup (Activity)
Germination (Lesson plan)
Glow stick chemistry (Activity)
Glue (Activity)
Granite minerals (Activity)
Gravitational lensing model (Activity)
Gravity Assist Model (Activity)
Gravity Well (Activity)
Growing borax crystals (Activity)
Growing sugar crystals (Activity)
Habitat survey and rocky shore food web (Activity)
Hair Analysis (Activity)
Hair Analysis with stuffie hair (activity for Honey Mystery 1) (Activity)
Hands and Feet (Lesson plan)
Hearing in animals (Lesson plan)
Hearing through our bones (Activity)
Heart and blood (Lesson plan)
Heart dissection (Activity)
Heat and insulation in lunch bags (Activity)
Heat and Rates of Reaction (Lesson plan)
Heat conduction (Lesson plan)
Heat conduction in a metal rod (Activity)
Heat conduction in different materials (Activity)
Heat convection demonstration (Activity)
Heat melting ice cubes (Activity)
Heat sources (Activity)
Heat transfer and sources (Lesson plan)
Heat: What materials feel warm? (Activity)
Heating land and water (Activity)
Helicopter and launcher (Activity)
Herb necklace (Activity)
Herbs (Lesson plan)
Hoopster (Activity)
Household levers (Activity)
Human physiology data collection (Lesson plan)
Hummer (Activity)
Hydrogen peroxide chemistry (Activity)
Ice cream (Activity)
Inclined planes (Activity)
Insects on flowers Bingo game (Activity)
Invisible ink (Activity)
Jumping stick (Activity)
Kaleidoscope (Activity)
Keeping our Water Clean (Lesson plan)
Kingdoms of Life (Lesson plan)
Kingdoms of Life hunt (Activity)
Laser beam in a stream of water (Activity)
Laser beam in a tank of water (Activity)
Lasers (Lesson plan)
Lasers and mirrors (Activity)
Leaf features: drip tips and waxy coating (Activity)
Leg bone puzzle (Activity)
Leg dissection (chicken) (Activity)
Lemon battery (Activity)
Lenses: lenses bend light (Activity)
Lenses: magnify and invert an image (Activity)
Lever experimentation: how bats and racquets work (Activity)
Lever for lifting things (Activity)
Lever free experimentation (Activity)
Lever projecting a ball (Activity)
Levers (Lesson plan)
Levers: measuring forces (Activity)
Levitating magnets (Activity)
Life Cycle of the chicken (Lesson plan)
Light attraction of brine shrimp (and other pond organisms) (Activity)
Light colours from the sun (Lesson plan)
Light from Chemistry (Lesson plan)
Light stations (Lesson plan)
Live fish (Activity)
Looking closely at living things (Lesson plan)
Luminescent candy (Activity)
Magnet pendulum (Activity)
Magnet sculpture (Activity)
Magnet stations (Lesson plan)
Magnet stations and more magnets/electromagnets (Lesson plan)
Magnet strength (Activity)
Magnetic car race (Activity)
Magnetic Field Patterns in oil (Activity)
Magnetic fishing game (Activity)
Magnetic force field patterns (Activity)
Magnetic force through materials (Activity)
Magnets: paper clip bridge (Activity)
Magnets: what sticks to them? (Activity)
Magnified images hunt (Activity)
Magnifiers and Microscopes (Activity)
Magnifiers and sun makes fire (Activity)
Making mixtures: solutions, suspensions and colloids (Activity)
Making sturdy structures: building and reinforcing shapes (Activity)
Matching flowers with insects they attract (Activity)
Math and plants: counting and graphing petal number (Activity)
Math and plants: measuring and estimating plant height (Activity)
Measuring temperature (Activity)
Meringue (Activity)
Milk spoiling and milk for making cheese (Lesson plan)
Milkshake: foam in food (Activity)
Mineral testing: hardness and streak colour (Activity)
Mini baking soda rocket (film canister) (Activity)
Mirror faces (Activity)
Mirror multiple reflections (Activity)
Mirror symmetry patterns (Activity)
Mirror writing and drawing (Activity)
Mirrors (Lesson plan)
Mirrors for looking round corners (Activity)
Mixtures showing physical and chemical changes (Lesson plan)
Mixtures with a focus on colloids (Lesson plan)
Mobile (Activity)
Mobius strips (Activity)
Modeling Clay (Activity)
Molecular modelling of combustion (Activity)
Molecular modelling of yeast converting sugar to gas (Activity)
Molecule modelling free play (Activity)
Molecules moving in warm and cold water (Activity)
Moon and Stars from Earth (Lesson plan)
Moon Phases Model (Activity)
Moon regolith (Activity)
Motor (Activity)
Motors (Lesson plan)
Muscle contractions in your body (Activity)
Muscle structure magnified (Activity)
Native Plant Bingo 1 (Activity)
Native Plant Bingo 2 (Activity)
Natural selection game (Activity)
Natural selection of animal adaptations (Lesson plan)
Newton's Laws (Lesson plan)
Nitrogen Cycle with molecular modelling (Activity)
Noise pollution game (Activity)
Nurse Log Study (Activity)
Nutrients in animal feed (Activity)
Oat seed bars (Activity)
Oil and water floating experiment (Activity)
Oil spill clean up simulation (Activity)
Oobleck (Activity)
Opposable thumbs (Activity)
Our senses (Lesson plan)
Paper airplanes (Activity)
Paper helicopters (Activity)
Paper marbling (Activity)
Paper tower challenge (Activity)
Pendulum drawing board (Activity)
People and Plants (Lesson plan)
Perfume making (Activity)
Pet cat demonstration (Activity)
Pin and ring game (Activity)
Pinball machine (Activity)
Planet surface features formed by wind and liquid (Activity)
Planets (Lesson plan)
Plant colour chemistry and pH indicators (Lesson plan)
Plant Dyes (Lesson plan)
Plant parts that we eat (Lesson plan)
Plant smell matches and molecules (Activity)
Plant vessels in flowers (Activity)
Plant xylem vessels under the microscope (Activity)
Planting (Activity)
Planting a garden (Lesson plan)
Plants interacting with animals (Lesson plan)
Plants: vessels in plants (Lesson plan)
Plasma Ball (Activity)
Playdough (Activity)
Playground and sports forces and energy (Lesson plan)
Playground equipment motion, forces and energy (Activity)
Pollen collection (Activity)
Pond dipping (Activity)
Popcorn (Activity)
Posting game with smell molecules/pollinators... (Activity)
Pressure in a bottle (Activity)
Printing with leaves (Activity)
Projectiles free play (Activity)
Properties of materials: sticky, stretchy, foaming, floating (Lesson plan)
Pulley free play (Activity)
Pulleys (Lesson plan)
Pulleys and water bottles to feel the forces (Activity)
Pulleys to lift a person or heavy load (Activity)
Pulleys to pull each other together (Activity)
Pulleys: measuring forces in pulley systems (Activity)
Pumpkins (Lesson plan)
Rain gauge model - tipping bucket (Activity)
Rainbow with a hose and the sun (Activity)
Rainbow with water and flashlight (Activity)
Rainbows from light with a CD/prism/scratched plastic (Activity)
Reaction time (Activity)
Red cabbage dye (and pH indicator) (Activity)
Reducing Friction with ice (lubricant) and rolling (Activity)
Rock and Mineral study (Lesson plan)
Rock collection (Activity)
Rock colours (Activity)
Rock Cycle (Lesson plan)
Rock cycle crayon model (Activity)
Rocket Chemistry Molecular Modelling (liquid oxygen/liquid hydrogen) (Activity)
Rocket powered by baking soda and vinegar (demonstration) (Activity)
Rockets and pressure (Lesson plan)
Rockets to explore the solar system (Lesson plan)
Rocks: geodes (Activity)
Roller coaster (Activity)
Root growth visualized (Activity)
Root shapes (Activity)
Sand (or mud) study (Activity)
Saxophone (Activity)
Scone chemistry (Activity)
Scribbling machine (Activity)
Seasonal Round of the Coast Salish (Lesson plan)
Seasons model (Activity)
Seaweed study (Activity)
Sedimentary rock cycle: erosion, sedimentation, uplifting (Lesson plan)
Sedimentary sand art (Activity)
Sedimentary uplifting (Activity)
Seed dissection (Activity)
Seed germination and gravity (Activity)
Seed germination requirements (Activity)
Seed hunt and study (Activity)
Seeds (Lesson plan)
Shadow shapes (Activity)
Shadows and mirrors (Activity)
Shadows from the sun (Lesson plan)
Shaker from recycled water bottle (Activity)
Shapes in structures (Activity)
Shooter (Activity)
Simple machines (Lesson plan)
Simple machines in a woodwork project (Activity)
Simple machines on a bike (Activity)
Simple machines using the weight of water (Lesson plan)
Slime and Silly putty recipes (Activity)
Smell pairs: herbs and plants (Activity)
Smells (Lesson plan)
Smells in the air demonstration (Activity)
Smelly paintings (Activity)
Snail close observation (Activity)
Snail habitat (Activity)
Snail study and habitat (Lesson plan)
Soda drink (Activity)
Soil analysis (Lesson plan)
Soil component comparison (Activity)
Soil composition and soil erosion (Lesson plan)
Soil habitat study (Activity)
Soil sieving (Activity)
Soil tests (Activity)
Solar System to scale across school grounds (Activity)
Solutions (Lesson plan)
Sound (Lesson plan)
Sound activities outdoors (Lesson plan)
Sound frequency detection (Activity)
Sound sandwich (Activity)
Sound through string (Activity)
Sound vibration model (Activity)
Sound with a ruler (Activity)
Sound: noise makers (Lesson plan)
Sounds in a box (Activity)
Sour candy chemistry (Activity)
Sour chemistry (Lesson plan)
Sour food chemistry (Activity)
Speaker (Activity)
Spectroscope (Activity)
Speed of sound calculation (Activity)
Spider camouflage (Activity)
Spider web - preserve a real web (Activity)
Spider web shapes (Activity)
Spinning chair (Activity)
Star constellation model (Activity)
Star spectra (Lesson plan)
States of matter (and temperature) in Water (Activity)
States of Matter and State Changes (Lesson plan)
States of Matter in foods (Lesson plan)
States of Matter Scavenger Hunt (Activity)
States of matter: acting them out (Activity)
Static electricity (Lesson plan)
Static electricity sparks and lightning model (Activity)
Static electricity with a balloon (Activity)
Static electricity: jumping rice crispies (Activity)
Static electricity: light a bulb (Activity)
Stomp rocket (Activity)
Stream Chemistry (Activity)
String telephone (Activity)
Structure from triangles (Activity)
Structures and force challenges (Lesson plan)
Sun print (Activity)
Sun spot observation (Activity)
Sun's angle on earth (Activity)
Sundial (Activity)
Surface tension with paperclips (Activity)
Symmetrical painting (Activity)
Taste and smell for identifying candy flavours (Activity)
Taste bud observation (Activity)
Taste tests for the five basic tastes (Activity)
Teeth in herbivores, carnivores and us (Activity)
Temperate rainforest plant features (Activity)
Temperature measurements in a pond (Activity)
Temperature sensing (Activity)
The Moon (Lesson plan)
The Physics of the Universe (Lesson plan)
The Sun (Lesson plan)
Tides model (Activity)
Tornado in a bottle (Activity)
Touch sensitivity (Activity)
Tropical Rainforest Plants: comparison with our native plants (Lesson plan)
Turbulence visualized (Activity)
Twining (Activity)
Visual deprivation walk (Activity)
Wasps (Lesson plan)
Water and rain (Lesson plan)
Water cycle (Lesson plan)
Water cycle bracelet (Activity)
Water cycle model (Activity)
Water filter molecules (Activity)
Water flow and Ocean Currents (Lesson plan)
Water flow with temperature and salt variation (Activity)
Water pH test (Activity)
Water resistance (Activity)
Water resistance: racing shapes through water (Activity)
Water wheel to lift a weight (Activity)
Weather (Lesson plan)
Weather - measuring weather (Lesson plan)
Weather - weather phenomena (Lesson plan)
Weather - what causes it? (Lesson plan)
Weathering rocks (Activity)
Weaving - twining and basket-making (Lesson plan)
Whales (Lesson plan)
What do plants need to grow? (Lesson plan)
What lives in our local park or garden? (Lesson plan)
Wheel and forces (Activity)
Which parts of the plant do we eat? (Activity)
Wind spinner (Activity)
Wind vane (Activity)
Wind-blown seed design (Activity)
Windmill (Activity)
Winter preparations by animals and plants (Lesson plan)
Wood bug classroom habitat (Activity)
Wood bugs: close observation (Activity)
Wood bugs: investigate their needs to make a habitat (Lesson plan)
Wood bugs: what do they like to eat? (Activity)
Wood bugs: where do they like to live? (Activity)
Worms: close observation (Activity)
Worms: indoor compost bin (Activity)
Yeast eats sugar and makes gas (Activity)